Transom Wedge 10degree

Vance 10 Degree Outboard Transom Wedges – Reversible – Machined Billet Wedges

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Determining and choosing the right JackPlate is actually a professional matter, if you are not sure about your decision, about the selected product, I will be happy to help: after providing the technical data about the boat and the outboard motor, I will send you an offer soon!

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Product Description:

VANCE transom wedge for modification the transom angle with one product.

These aluminum wedges fit all standard outboard motors as they are fitted with the standard BIA holes.

The CNC-machined aluminum construction enables full, positive contact between the transom and outboard clamp brackets or the jackplate, depending on how it is going to be installed!

The set also includes the special washers, which help the engine mounting plate to fit perfectly despite the large angle!

It adds exactly 10 degrees of negative or positive transom angle to the existing transom geometry.

  • Adds 10 degrees of negative or positive trim (can be used in both directions)
  • It improves the performance of boats with too small or too high transom angle, because it improves the possibilities of trimming and trim angle.
  • Fits all standard external 4-bolt BIA hole patterns
  • Full, complete contact between the outboard motor mount and the boat’s transom
  • 7.62″ wide, 35.56″ long
  • only 5.44 kg weight
  • 0.65cm at the thinnest and 7cm at the thickest part
  • The product is for a pair of wedges
  • Made in USA

Technical support:
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