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Hydraulically operated “on the Fly” engine height lifting JackPlate for those Boaters, who want to change propulsion and engine height on the water in action!

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Product & Technical support::

Determining and choosing the right JackPlate is actually a professional matter, if you are not sure about your decision, about the selected product, I will be happy to help: after providing the technical data about the boat and the outboard motor, I will send you an offer soon!

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Product Description:

VANCE HYDVS-300-5R hydraulic “MAXPOWER” jackplate:

VANCE „highend” ranged, premium quality product for the largest, brand free marine outboard engines up to 300HP outboard engine performance with 31,00kg overall weight

Perfect solution for competition anglers, shallowwater fishermen, huers, rangers or water police, or just any water sport enthusiasts, boaters!

Jack Plates are the perfect solution for long shaft engines with a short shaft transom!

  • MADE IN USA: Made of high strength polished 12mm (1/2”) thick Aircraft Quality Aluminium Alloy
  • Basic product with RAW aluminium surface, but optionally hard black (HBA), or clear anodizing (CA) surface for saltwater, or brack water usage protecting the hardware against natural corrosion
  • Premium quality hydraulic pumps for different body of water:
      • Thomson Linear pump for mainly sweat water usage
      • Parker-Hannifin pump for regular saltwater usage
  • Heavy-duty safety solenoid for for height adjustment, protecting the hydraulic system (smooth lower-upper position protection)
  • 12 feet, so 3,6 meter wire for up and down controll switch for the cockpit, and usual 12 Volt Power Supply
  • 6 inch overall, so 15,24cm engine height lifting with the operation of robust hydraulic pump
  • Optional analog screen height gauge to show the actual engine height on the cockpit
  • A HYDVS-001-5R „MAXPOWER” JackPlate compatible with all the latest state of the art steering solutions, such as hydraulic steering, electro mechanical, or fly by wire technologies widespread in the largest outboard brand
  • 5-6-8 inch variable setback, with patented easy, and cost effective solution, variable setback, transom-engine distance (one product, three setback widths with a special solution)
    Example: Customer chooses a 5 inch: 12,70cm, the narrowest ofset width product, but if setback is not appropriate and needs to be increased, it can be switched to 6 or 8 inches with minimal change (by changing a pair of aluminum profiles)!
    In other words, three width from 12,70cm up to 20.24 cm are available in one product!
  • For standard screw mounting engines, B.I.A. standard hole patterns, even interchangeably brand free
  • Predrilled hole pattern on standard B.I.A. profile by the factory (327mm upper, 251mm lower distance with 203mm vertical space, two separate hole profile on the transom side, and three pattern on the transom side for perfect engine height setting
  • Transom side enclosing size: 41,00cm x 32,70cm
  • Overall size: 48,60cm x 40,50cm deep&tall and three sized setback (5-6-8inch transom engine distance)
  • Powerful, robust construction, weighing only 31.00kg, ideal for mounting up to 300HP performance high end ranged outboard engines for maximum 350kg weight

Optional possibilities:

The VANCE HYDVS-300-5R MAXPOWER JACKPLATE ready to install, immediatelly capable to use product, but could be upgraded with the following optional elements:

Variable setback, same product but with different setback:

  • HYDVS-300-5R hydraulic Jackplate 5inch setback RAW alumínium
  • HYDVS-300-6R hydraulic Jackplate 6inch setback RAW alumínium
  • HYDVS-300-8R hydraulic Jackplate 8inch setback RAW alumínium

Colour and surface: Basic RAW surface on the basic product!

  • Hard Black anodizing for the premium look, or corrosion resistance for saltwater usage individually ordered (CODE: HBA)
  • Clear Water anodizing surface for corrosion resistance for saltwater usage, individually ordered (Code: CA)

Transom strenghtening solution for inside the boat:

  • Transom Plate upper, Optional, always on warehouse (CODE: TP210)
  • Transom Plate lower, Optional, always on warehouse (CODE: TP211)

Optional variable SetBack profiles: (for later setback change)

  • Setback profile 6inch optional allways on stock (Code: ANG6300)
  • Setback profile 8inch optional allways on stock (Code: ANG8300)


Bolt kit: Screws, washers and nuts for installation: (Complete package)

  • Transom side 4 pieces (d12mm,100mm, A2 Grade)
  • Engine side 4 pieces (d12mm, 50mm A2 Grade)

Optional, allways on stock! (CODE BKBIA)

Silicon: For insulation, waterproof installation of the jackplate

  • SIKAFLEX white Optional, allways on stock! (CODE: SKFLX)

Technical support:
Ask for a personalized quote!

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