YAMAHA F50-F60 Extension Kit #808

BAY Extension Kit, engine shaft lenght modification

for YAMAHA F50-F60, T50-T60 outboards (50 and 60HP) for the following serial numbers:

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Product Description:

BAY Mfg outboard shaft lenght extension solution:

With a simple modification, we can convert the short shaft engine into a long shaft one, so that the factory parts do not have to be replaced.

Kit #808 can be used on YAMAHA  F50, F60, T50, T60 4 stroke, 4 cylinder outboards

  • Each Yamaha Outboard Extension Kits includes a 5″ housing, stub driveshaft, water tube, shift shaft, and all the studs, nuts, etc. that are needed to make the outboard motor conversion.
  • Yamaha Extension Kits include stainless steel shafts and studs, and spacer housings are cast of the same series alloy as used in the motors for lifetime performance

Compatibility should always be checked!

  • Made in USA product
  • The BAYMfg Extension kit is made of aluminum alloy with the same strength as the factory alloy, with a standard 5″ height, which is exactly the addition for S and L size engines. (also in the case of L and XL)
  • Factory raw aluminum surface!
  • With optional painting in the factory YAMAHA color in 4 steps (Zinc primer , Filling spreading primer, Bluish gray metallic 2 colors, Topcoat)
  • The mainshaft extension is made of high-quality stainless steel with grooves corresponding to the manufacturer.
  • The water cooling system is spliced with premium quality copper pipe with the appropriate specific flange
  • The splicing of the direction changer is a unique stainless steel element
  • The screws, pins and insulation are all product-specific stainless steel elements
  • During installation, it is always recommended to use the factory lubricants (shaft fitting, fixing screws
  • The warranty is only valid in the event of installation by a professional, specialist service or distributor!
  • The conversion can be restored at any time and does not cause any damage or problems to the outboard motor, i.e. it can be advertised as either short or long boots during the sale!

Technical support:
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